The Best Baby Names That Mean Blessing

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If you want to show the world how grateful you are for your newborn, there are plenty of baby names that mean blessing that help you do just that! From unique options to tried-and-true names, you have a lot of choices when it comes to names with grateful meanings! For suggestions, browse this blessing name list!

Some traditional or old-fashioned names mean blessed or blessing. The feminine, attractive Gwyneth means "blessed, happy," as does its cute variation Wendy. Vintage male names - like Benedict and Jonathan - also carry the meaning. Want something more out of the box? The girl names Beta and Nima mean "blessing," as do underused boy's names like Totie and Carwyn. Looking for unisex options? Try the unconventional South African name Tadala, which means "we have been blessed." 

Do you have a favorite baby name for the little blessing in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up, and please add any good names we may have missed.

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    Male, Hebrew: Happy or blessed 

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    Female, Welsh: Blessed, happy 

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    Female, Greek: Jiana means that god is gracious. The person with this name have a special grace and blessings of god.

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    Female, English: Lucky

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    Male, Latin: Blessed, sacred

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    Female, Welsh: White, fair, blessed