The Best Baby Names That Mean Courage

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If you're looking to raise a fighter, you may be on the lookout for some baby names that mean courage. Luckily, there are plenty of great options to choose from when it comes to names with brave, heroic meanings. If you're in need of the perfect name, this courage name list can help!

When it comes to traditional names, there are lots of beautiful choices. Great old fashioned girl names - like Velerie and Leona - mean courage. For boys names, try standards like Leonardo and Louis. Want something more unique? Trendier choices, like the unisex Riley and Everett, are an object. If you want to think really out of the box, try some cute unconventional female names like Brava or Dandra or unusual boy names include Baldo and Reynard. 

Do you have a favorite baby name for the brave child in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up and please add any good names we may have missed.

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    Unisex, Irish: Courageous 

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    Female, French: Strength, health 

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    Female, French/Latin: Brave Lioness

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    Male, Italian/Spanish: Brave lion

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    Male, French: Great knight, brave warrior

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    Unisex, English: Brave boar