The Best Baby Names That Mean Faith

Baby names that mean Faith can be a lovely choice for both religious families and those who simply like the inspirational meaning of the term. In addition to the obvious choice - Faith, on its own - there are plenty of attractive names with meanings that speak to a sense of conviction. 

Many names meaning Faith have a charming vintage appeal. Cute classic girl names that carry the meaning include Vera, Elizabeth, and Iris. Some old-fashioned boy names - like Caleb and Dillon - also roughly translate to Faith. If you're a dog lover, Caleb actually means "one faithful as a dog." 

In the age of unique names and nickname names, however, there's no need to think inside the box. Female names like Minnie and Mimi have the no-frills feel that's popular today. Some good unconventional boys names that mean Faith include Lafayette or Grifin. There are also some underused unisex options, like Truman or Amana. 

Do you have a favorite baby name that represents faith? Vote the best names up to the top of this list, and add anything you feel is missing. 

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    Female, Greek: She who is faithful

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    Female: Named for the flower, which symbolizes faith 

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    Male, English: One faithful as a dog

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    Female, Hebrew/Greek: God is a faith and is satisfaction

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    Female, French: Someone who is faithful, loyal

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    Female, Russian: Faith