The Best Baby Names That Mean Freedom

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Whether you're due on the Fourth of July or you just want your child to grow up with an independent spirit, there are plenty of attractive baby names that mean freedom. With a little thought and diligence, you can find the perfect name for your newborn with an unconstrained feel. 

What types of names mean freedom? Some conventional baby names have roots related to the term. The classic female name Dorothy, for example, means “one who has a vision and is freedom loving." Common boy names - like Frank and Carl - also translate roughly to freedom. 

Want something more unconventional? With the rise in cool names with a unique feel, there's no reason to think inside the box. There are plenty of cute names that mean freedom that are a little off the grid. For a boy, try Chara, Jimbo, or Francesco. For a girl, how about Arla, Carlina, or Bashita? There are also some great unisex names, like Liberty or Cezanne, meaning freedom. 

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    Female, Albanian: They love freedom and are compassionate

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    152 votes


    Unisex, Latin/United States: Freedom, independence, liberation

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    95 votes


    Female, German: Freeman; Maiden; Virgin

  • 4
    94 votes


    Female, Latin: French person or a free person

  • 5
    84 votes


    Female, United States: Adaptable, adventurous and seeking freedom

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    98 votes


    Female, English: Woman with freedom