The Best Baby Names That Mean Grace

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Given the word has connotations of faith, elegance, and beauty, it's understandable prospective parents may be on the lookout for some great baby names that mean grace. Luckily, names with a gracious feel have been popular for centuries. From classics to newer, trendier choices, there are plenty of options when it comes to picking a name that means grace. If you're on the lookout for the perfect name, browse this grace name list below. 

Plenty of traditional girl names mean grace, such as veritable classics like Ann and Hannah. Boy names that mean grace tend to be more unique, but just as attractive. You can try the Finish Armo or the Italian Giovanni, for example. There are also some cute unisex names meaning grace, such as the name Milan. In addition to being a place name that conjures images of the gorgeous Italian city, Milan is also a cute name option for either a boy or girl. 

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    Female, English: Word name 

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    Female, Slavic: Gracious 

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    Female, Hebrew: Grace, Favor

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    Female, Igbo: Grace

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    Female, Hebrew: Grace

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    Female, English: God is gracious