The Best Baby Names That Mean Happy

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If you want to instill your newborn with a sense of joy, you may be on the lookout for some baby names that mean happy. Happiness is something we all strive for in our daily lives, so it's understandable so many great names are rooted in the term. In fact, there are plenty of names meaning happy that you probably hear all the time without realizing it. If you want a cheerful name for your son or daughter, browse the list below!

Many veritable classics roughly translate to "happy." The vintage girls names Beatrice, Caroline, and Ada all carry the meaning. Traditional boys names - like Felix, Jay, and Edmund - roughly translate to happy or fortunate. However, in the modern era of unique names, no need to stick to the basics. Great underused female names - like Dita, Jovanna, and Ronia - have gleeful meanings, as do unconventional male names like Bennet and Zelig. For some cute and fun unisex options, try Ash or Makenna.

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    Male, Latin: Happy, fortunate 

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    Female: Word name 

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    Female, Hebrew: A place of delight; joyous and happy place

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    Female, English: A blissful, happy song

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    Male, Hebrew: Blessed happy one 

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    Female, Latin: Good fortune, happy