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If you believe your newborn is a gift from above, you may be considering some names that mean heaven to signify as much. Luckily, there are many attractive baby names that have a divine meaning. If you're searching for the perfect name for your little one, scan this heaven name list for some inspiration. 

There are plenty of attractive baby names that mean heaven, from the unique to the conventional. The classic Diana - reminiscent of the beloved Princess Di - means heavenly or divine. Nathaniel, a consistently popular and attractive boy's name, means "Gift from God/heaven." If you want a name that signifies paradise itself, why not try the unisex Eden? This name is a nod to the Biblical paradise in the Book of Genesis, considered a heaven on earth. 

Love out of the box names? There are some great underused options. The name Lani is a cute Hawaiian girl name with a played down, nickname feel that means "sky/heaven." The female Talia, meaning "dew from heaven," is not often heard on the playground and has a light and feminine vibe. For boys, some great unique choices are Arsa and Ahi. 

Do you have a favorite baby name for the heavenly child in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up and please add any good names we may have missed.

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Diana Female, English/Spanish/Italian: Divine, heavenly 

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Talia Female, Hebrew: Dew from heaven

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Eden Unisex, Hebrew: Place of paradise 

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Celeste Female, Spanish: A heavenly body

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Nathaniel Male, Hebrew: Gift from God/heavan 

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Nevaeh Female, American: Heaven spelled backwards 

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Lani Female, Hawaiian: Sky, heaven 

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Cielo Unisex, Spanish/Italian: Sky or heaven

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Seline Female, Latin: Heavenly Moon

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Riyon Male, Indian: An immense beauty of Heaven

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Leilana Female, Hawaiian: Flower that grows in the heaven

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Orella Female, Latin: Messages from the heavens

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Osca Male, Scandinavian: Heavenly combatant who always battle for God's sake

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Michail Male, Hebrew: Leader of the heaven's army

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Ahi Male, Indian/Sanskrit: Heaven and earth conjoined

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Dorotta Female, Greek: They are the gift sent from God; of the heaven

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Juno Female, Latin: Juno is the name of a Roman Goddess, means Queen of the Heavens

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Hera Female, Greek: Queen of heaven in Greek mythology 

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Gagan Female, Indian: Sky; Heavens above

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Nanea Female, Hawaiian: A land of the heaven

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Trinity Unisex, Latin: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christian mythology, associated with Heaven 

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Arsa Male, Origin Unknown: Heaven

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Rayann Female, Urdu: The heaven's door that opens in the month of ramadhan

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Alya Female, Arabic: Sky/heavens 

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Galaxie Female, Origin Unknown: Ultimate system of the heavenly bodies

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Zurah Female, Middle East: The heavenly body Venus

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Soleste Female, French: A woman who is heavenly

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Kealani Unisex, Hawaiian: The name means The Clear and White Heaven