The Best Baby Names That Mean Knowledge

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If you want to instill a sense of scholarly ambition in your baby, you may be on the lookout for names that mean wisdom, knowledge, or something similar. Luckily, plenty of baby names give off a learned vib, and translate to terms like knowing, intelligent, and phrases like "of the mind" or "wise counselor." Both unique baby names and venerable classics are excellent choices if you want a smart, sophisticated name for your newborn. 

There are plenty of names meaning wisdom that stick to tradition. Sophia - currently the most popular girl name in the Western world - means "wisdom." As Alfred conjures images of the knowledgeable Batman butler, it's no surprise the name means "wise counselor." Other classic options include Hugh, Albert, and Juliette. 

However, there's no need to stick to tradition when hunting for a name that means knowledge. There are plenty of unique options as well. The attractive and underused Minerva means "intellect," and comes with the cute nickname Minnie.

Other unique female names - like Veda, Arisanna, and Ilma - mean wisdom, knowledge, or intelligence. For boy names, try Redmond - the Irish version of the tried-and-true Raymond, meaning "wise protector." Looking for unisex names that mean wisdom? Good options include Sage, Dara, or Conary. 

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    Unisex, Latin: Wise and knowing

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    Female, Greek: Wisdom

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    Female, Greek: Of the mind, intellect

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    Unisex, Hebrew: Pearl of wisdom 

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    Female, German/American: Such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends

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    Female, Origins Unknown: One who has deep roots of knowledge and tradition