The Best Baby Names That Mean Leader

If you want to instill some ambition in your newborn, you may be looking for some names that mean leader. There are a surprising amount of common - and even trendy - names that carry the meaning. If you're looking to raise a future president, consider adopting one of the attractive names below that carry a true sense of governance. 

A variety of names that have been spiking in popularity over the years actually mean leader. The widely used Henry means "estate ruler." There are plenty of unisex names that mean leader - such as Aubrey and Avery - that have become increasingly popular and stylish choices in recent years. While not necessarily at the peak of their popularity today, classics like Dean, Ronald, Frederica, Harriet, and Harold also great options. 

However, if you're looking for more unique names that mean leader, there's no need to worry! There are plenty of good underused names as well. If you're burnt out by all the Isabellas on the playground, try Isolde as an alternative. The gorgeous Welsh name means "ice ruler." Try boy names like Luellyn, Terrell, or Barnett. Choose a cute girl's name like Deonna, Edaline, or Alonza. All these baby names have regal meanings.

Which are the best baby names with leadership vibes? Vote your favorite names to the top of this list! 


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    Unisex, English: They are an Elf ruler; a sage

  • 2
    72 votes

    Male, German: Estate ruler

  • 3
    63 votes


    Male, German: A peaceful ruler

  • 4
    67 votes

    Unisex, French: A blond ruler

  • 5
    77 votes


    Male, English/Latin: Chief of a valley; leader

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    Female, German: A wise and strong ruler