The Best Baby Names That Mean Lucky

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If you're feel blessed to have welcomed a little one into your life, you may be on the lookout for names that mean lucky. There are plenty of great names out there, some unique and some conventional, that connote good fortune. Browse this list of names that mean lucky for suggestions! 

Some more traditional girl names that mean lucky include Felicia and Evangeline. The male name Felix means "happy, fortunate," and the name Chance is a name associated with good luck. Want something more unconventional? There are plenty of choices there as well. Boy names like Madoc and Faust mean lucky, as do unusual female names like Serendipity and Monifa. If you want a unisex name meaning lucky, why not try the cute option Tashi? 

Do you have a favorite baby name for the lucky child in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up, and please add any good names we may have missed.

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    Male, Latin: Happy, fortunate

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    Female, Greek: Bearer of good news

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    Male, English/French: Word name with some connotations of luck/luckiness 

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    Unisex, Tibetan: Good fortune 

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    Male, German: Wealth, fortune 

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    Female, Latin: Lucky