The Best Baby Names That Mean Moon

The moon is one of the most beautiful celestial objects in the night sky, so it's understandable many parents would love names that mean moon for their little ones. Luckily, there are many names with lunar meanings, from venerable classics to modern twists. This moon name list will help you pick the perfect name for your newborn! 

Not many people realize a lot of girl names that mean moon are attractive, trendy choices. Luna - great for Harry Potter fans - is the Latin word for moon. Celene and Selena both mean "moon goddess" and - given the popularity of Selena Gomez and Celene Dion - would be great choices for fans of pop music. The increasingly popular Atlas is a great choice for boys, a nod to Greek mythology and the moon orbiting Jupiter. 

Looking for a more unique name? You have plenty of options there was well. When it comes to naming your child after actual celestial bodies, the bold and beautiful Oberon is a perfect unisex option. It's a German name and the name of one the moons orbiting Jupiter. Neoma is a female name that means "full moon." A cute boy name could be Kale, the name of one of Jupiter's moons.

Do you have a favorite baby name for the little moonbeam in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up, and please add any good names we may have missed.

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    256 votes

    Female, Latin: Moon

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    179 votes


    Female, Latin: Moon Goddess

  • 3
    171 votes


    Female, Latin: Goddess of the Moon

  • 4
    150 votes


    Female, Origin Unknown: Greek moon goddess

  • 5
    134 votes


    Female, Japanese: The gracious moon, the beauty of moon

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    123 votes


    Male, Greek: Moon orbiting Jupiter