The Best Baby Names That Mean Thankful

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If you're feeling blessed by your new bundle of joy, you may be on the hunt for names that mean thankful to reflect as much. Luckily, there are plenty of cute and stylish names that give off a grateful vibe. If you want to say "thanks" for your new blessing, try some of the baby names below! 

What are some good names that mean thankful? There are some great traditional male and female names that imply a sense of appreciation. The veritable classic Nathan means "gift from God." The pretty, feminine Gwyneth means "blessed." Looking for something trendier? Jaden - a unisex name that's been consistently popular for boys and girls over the years - roughly translates to "thankful."

Want something more unique? There are plenty of less conventional names listed below! The girl's name Thana has Islamic roots and means “thankfulness.” In the era of cute nickname names, like Ellie and Millie, the German name Hannie - meaning merciful or thankful - has a similar feel. 

Which baby name is the best way to express gratitude? Vote up the best names that mean thankful to the top and add anything you feel is missing. 

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    Male, Hebrew: Gift from God

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    Unisex, Hebrew: Thankful

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    Unisex, Spanish: Thankful

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    Male, Hebrew: Refers to grateful or appreciative

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    Female, Welsh: Blessed

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    Male, Latin: Blessed