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With the rise of unique and original baby names, why not go full throttle on the trend and go for names that mean unique, literally? There are many striking baby names with origins related to the term "unique" or similar words that mean special or one of a kind. If you want a name that actually means different, browse the list below. 

If you want to bless your baby with a independent sensibility without breaking tradition name-wise, you're in luck! Many names meaning unique are actually classic names that won't leave teachers scratching their heads during roll call. The term Grace means decency with a special beauty, so this can be a great girl name that means unique. The standard, attractive boy names Andy and Anthony also mean unique. 

Maybe you want to go for a double whammy, picking a name that both is and means unique. There are plenty of options there as well. Female names like Ayanna and Jovana roughly translate to "unique." Cute out of the box male names include Waheed or Aino. For unisex varieties, try Alverdo or Dominque. 

With so many good names that mean unique, it's hard to pick just one. Nevertheless, try to vote for the best below. Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any special baby names we may have missed.

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Grace Female, English: Grace, which means decency with a special beauty

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Anthony Male, Basque: They are unique, priceless flower and a Roman clan name

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Andy Male, English: Brave, unique and manly

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Mohamad Male, Sanskrit: A special loved one, always loving and adorable to others

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Apara Male, Indian/Sanskrit: Matchless; Unique; One who is exclusive and has no equivalent

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Nathaniel Male, Hebrew: God's special award

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Deb Female, Hebrew: A prophetess; they have a unique personality

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Domenique Unisex, French: It means someone who is unique and special

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Alverda Unisex, Origins Unknown: A unique name gifted with compassion, resourcefulness, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualities

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Aino Male, Finnish: Unique 

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Juliana Female, United States: It means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant

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Earl Male, United States: It means king,warrior or chief in different languages

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Lacy Female, French: Lacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman Conquest

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Zulla Female, Arabic/Malay: Shade, especially the shade of trees

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Elenor Female, English/Greek: A bright individual; they are special

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Jorden Male, Hebrew/Biblical: The praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet

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Bita Female, Arabic: Unique

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Hooda Female, Arabic: A different spelling of Huda, that means a woman who is well guided

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Kaira Female, Indian: Kaira means Peaceful and Unique

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Darroll Male, English: A special person

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Ayanna Female, African: A unique flower which is forever blooming

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Darrin Male, English/Gaelic: A unique and great individual

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Dominique Female, English: A special person who belongs to the God

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Jovana Female, Spanish: They inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others

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Waheed Male, Arabic: Unique; Singular; Exclusively; Unequaled; Peerless

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Mercury Male, Latin: The person who is in social exchange, specially of opinions and attitudes

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Change Male, Chinese: Adoption of a different route

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Judah Male, Hebrew/Biblical: The praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet

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Trinique Female, French: A pure or unique person