The Best Baby Names That Mean Unity

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Given the harmonic word has associations with peace and togetherness, it's understandable parents may want names that mean unity for their little one. From very rare names to names that top the charts, there are a quite a few names that carry that meaning or something similar. This list has plenty of suggestions if you're in need of a great name for your son or daughter! 

There are lots of pretty and very feminine-sounding girls names that mean unity. Emma, which has been consistently popular for years, means "universal" and word names like Harmony also give off a feeling of unity or oneness. Male names that mean unity tend to be more unique, but equally attractive. You could try the Biblical boys name Ohad or the Albanian Bashkim, which comes with the cute nickname Bash. 

There are also some great unisex baby names that mean oneness for parents looking for something more gender neutral. The word Trinity, for example, literally means "triad," but of course refers to the Holy Trinity in Christianity. The idea of a unified God in three parts relates to the concept of unity. The Indonesian name Eka, equally attractive for a boy or a girl, means "one."

Do you have a favorite baby name for the little unifier in your life? Give the best options a thumbs up and please add any good names we may have missed.

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    Female, English: Unity, musically in tune 

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    Female, German: Universal

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    Female, Hindi: Absorbed, united 

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    Unisex, Latin: Means "triad," but relates to the Holy Trinity, which has associations with the unity of one God in three entities

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    Male, Japanese: Harmony, peace/brightness

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    Female, Korean: One