Weird Nature Watch These Baby Sea Turtles Run On Tiny Treadmills For Science  

Rebecca High

Life doesn't get much better than watching this video of these adorable baby turtles walking on treadmills. It's the finest and most wholesome thing you'll watch today, guaranteed.

Scientists tested the stamina of 150 baby turtles to study how they react in urban settings. The researchers hoped to apply their findings to the annual sea turtle hatching trek and prove that human-made lights and distractions regularly disrupt turtle activity.

Proving conclusively that science can be fun, they then hooked the babies onto leashes and tested out their swimming strength after they'd already walked on the treadmill. The little turtles weren't tired!

Science may have gained some knowledge about turtle stamina, but the whole world can now benefit from these adorable experiments. Watch this video - it might inspire you to not only hit the gym, but also to pay attention to what things humans take for granted that affect animals' natural habitats and habits.