Adorable Baby Shower Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

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A baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the fact that you're bringing a new person into the world. No doubt that friends and family will be excited to celebrate your new bundle of joy with you. 

A new baby can be overwhelming, but the shower doesn't have to be! Of course you want to create a memorable event while also keeping it lots of fun! We've got you covered with ideas for baby shower themes (for girls, for boys, and for those who want to keep it a secret), baby shower decorations to go with those themes, and baby shower invitations to go with those decorations. Of course we have ideas for baby shower cakes and baby shower favors to go with all that too! And if you're heading a baby shower as a guest, our list is a great place to look for baby shower gift ideas that are perfect for a new mom.  

Shower the expectant mom and newest arrival with lots of love, friendship, and a beautiful baby shower. These ideas will make any shower beautiful and special. Let us know what your favorite ideas are!


  • Make Lifesaver Pacifiers!
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    Make Lifesaver Pacifiers!

    Lifesaver pacifiers are a great treat and a great DIY! All you need is some lifesavers, some jelly beans, and some frosting. If you know the gender, decorate accordingly!


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    Have Guests Leave a Thumbprint

    The people at your baby shower will no doubt impact your child's life. Have them leave a literal thumbprint on this cute little guestbook keepsake. This is a great addition to any nursery wall. 


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  • Serve Pink or Blue Punch
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    Serve Pink or Blue Punch

    Get guests in the mood by making pink or blue party punch! Just make sure there's a nonalcoholic version for the mommy!


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    Thank Guests for Bee-ing at Your Baby Shower

    Thank all your guests by sending them home with a gift for "bee-ing" at your baby shower. These sweet little Burt's Bees lip balms are great for any baby shower party, but especially perfect if your theme is "A Little Honey on the Way!"


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    Throw Your Daughter-to-Be a Pretty in Pink Party

    Pretty in pink is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a sweet baby girl. All you have to do is "think pink!" for invitations, decorations, and treats.

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  • Make a Baby Carriage Out of a Watermelon
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    Make a Baby Carriage Out of a Watermelon

    Cut a watermelon to resemble a baby carriage and add fruit as a way to serve guests something healthy.

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