Babysitter Horror Stories

Okay, you've worked up the courage to leave your child under the care of a semi-responsible stranger whom you've interviewed and thoroughly Facebook-background-checked for nanny red flags. You feel safe and confident. Good for you! Don't read this list. 

Well, actually, do read the list, because it's always good to know what to watch out for. Bottom line: none of these bad babysitters would have made it into The Babysitters Club. From babysitters that have fed children glass sandwiches, to nannies that told children they were "evil" because they wrote with their left hands, this list of babysitter horror stories will absolutely terrify you. It seems the best way to scar your child is to head out for the night and hire someone to look after them. And the babysitters aren't the only ones with problems. Sometimes it's the kids who do the emotional (and physical) scarring. No one is safe on this list!

Most of these babysitters could be in the running for worst babysitter of all time. Before you post to Craigslist offering up prime nanny jobs in your household, make sure their kit of babysitting games and supplies comes with basic common sense. Or even better, consider just staying home with your kids every night until they turn 18. Hey, it may be the safest option.

Photo: thomasMMM / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

  • Babysitter Throws Infant Across The Room

    After discovering her 10-month old baby on the kitchen floor, foaming at the mouth, Heather West immediately knew something was wrong. Turns out it was a lot more ugly than she could have expected: her babysitter, family friend Kate Hartwig, was doing drugs and had squeezed and shaken 10-month old Quinn before forcefully throwing him on the ground. Doctors say there may be minor brain damage and are monitoring the child for seizures for the next two years.

    The babysitter is currently faces charges of child abuse and drug possession. 

  • Babysitter Claims Masked Intruders Killed Cousin

    19-year-old Tiffany Van Alstyne claimed that masked intruders entered the home where she was babysitting her cousins and grabbed 5-year-old Kenneth White. The next morning White's body was found on the ground across from his home. It appeared he had been strangled and had suffered blunt force trauma to his head. After further investigation, the police concluded that Van Alstyne was to blame and that her story of masked intruders was completely false. She was charged with second degree murder.


  • Dad Seeks Revenge on Bad Babysitter

    After catching his babysitter brutally beating his toddler, the girl's father tracked down the babysitter and exacted his revenge. The man was arrested by police, but released once the police saw the video. The babysitter was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

  • Three-year-old Forced to Eat Feces

    After a three-year-old told her babysitter that she had pooped in the tub, the girl got angry and forced the tiny baby to eat her own feces. The babysitter was, of course, arrested and charged with one count of domestic abuse.

  • Nanny Caught Abusing Kids on Camera

    After becoming suspicious of their nanny, a family decided to install a nanny cam. What they saw on the camera was horrible: the nanny threw a ball at their baby in addition to pulling and dragging the child around by the arms. The parents immediately fired the nanny and have pressed charges. 

  • Baby Hospitalized After Being Allowed to Drink Wine

    A mother quickly called her regular babysitter when she had to leave town on short notice to attend to a family emergency. The babysitter was left in charge of four kids. When the kids' grandmother stopped by later in the day she found her one-year-old grandson completely unresponsive. After being rushed to the hospital it was discovered the grandson had a blood alcohol content level of .33. That's four times the legal limit! An empty bottle of wine that did not belong to the mother was found at the house. Guess we know where the wine went...