13 Times Bachelors Or Bachelorettes Regretted Their First Impression Rose

Whether you’re a devoted member of #BachelorNation or not, chances are you know exactly what the “first impression rose” is. Here’s a quick refresher: The Bachelor first impression roses are the first roses that the Bachelor or Bachelorette hand out every season. Scoring a first impression rose means that the Bachelor/ette sees more potential with you than any other contestant, and wants to get to know you better. Of course, on reality TV, the honor of being selected for a first rose is bound to have some drama attached to it. 

In fact, the majority of first impression roses end up going to the season’s eventual “villains." For example, Sean gave his first impression rose to Tierra, who drove the other women in the house crazy over the course of the show; Emily gave her first impression rose to Doug, who turned out to have a criminal history of theft and assault. 

The most regret-filled Bachelor and Bachelorette first impression roses fill out the canon of Bachelor lore right alongside juicy behind-the-scenes stories and some of the show's most cliché lines. Between the drama of matchmaking and the magic of finding true love, it's not wonder the show garners such a dedicated fan base.