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Vote on the Greatest Signature Lines from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

List RulesIf you got a rose for every time you heard one of these lines, vote up the ones that would give you the largest bouquets.

For approximately one million years, ABC has been blessing reality television viewers, and really anyone who has a spare two hours each week, with the majestic beauty of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. You know it, you love it, you can't look away. Though the faces change with every new season, no new contestant can resist the draw of the signature lines below, which all Bachelor Nation fans know by heart.

These anthems are peppered throughout every season of this reality TV juggernaut. They're ingrained in your love journey-addled brain. Who's here for the right reasons? Who's not here to make friends? Who deserves a rose? Who's ready to face their fears and ride in that damn helicopter, all in the name of finding love?

Whether you believe in the process or not, at least five contestants on any given season will remind you that it does indeed work, and hey, as these successful Bachelor couples prove, sometimes it really does. Get with the romance program. Spend the ten minutes each episode devotes to telling you what just happened five minutes ago to voting for the greatest Bachelor and Bachelorette quotes below.

Then, go tell all your 26-year-old dental hygienist friends to read up and get on this show so you can throw a watch party and (fingers crossed!) hear him or her say these lines themselves.

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    This Helicopter Ride Helped Us Overcome Our Fears and Fall in Love

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    He/She Is Worth Fighting For

  • 28

    I Need to Get a Kiss

  • 29

    I'm a Dental Hygienist