All the Couples from The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

Considering how few couples end up actually getting engaged, let alone married, on The Bachelor, it's amazing that the show is still on - and thriving! While many people understand the process seldom works in the long run, we still can't help but tune in to watch anyway, even if it is just for the wildly corny, often humorous entertainment, definitely crazy entertainment. 

ABC's reality TV dating show franchise is often mocked and each season is full of guys and girls looking for a "shot at love," or, more realistically, their 15 minutes of fame. But for those contestants who did "win" The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, where are they now? Did their relationships survive? Which Bachelor couples are married? Which pairs broke up immediately. Do any couples from the show have kids?

Of the couples who came from the show, who said yes to an engagement, who got married, who broke up immediately after After the Final Rose, and who went back to their normal, boring, regular jobs and lives? What became of their lives once their 15 minutes of fame was up?

Read on to find out what your favorite (and most hated) Bachelor and Bachelorette couples are up to today and how their journeys to find love, once and for all, actually ended.