Ways Back to the Future Predicted the Future

Back to the Future is one of the greatest movie series of all time, and according to the late Carl Sagan, Back to the Future Part II contains the most realistic portrayal of time travel in film. Along with some well-thought out logic, there are a lot of ways Part II predicted the future - and even though they were comedic or far-fetched at the time, these predictions have actually come to pass.

When the 1989 sequel sent Marty and Doc Brown to 2015, it showcased a prescient vision of the future. There are no flying cars today, no, but in many other ways, the film was spot-on. Whether foreseeing parts of personal life or the way the world works, the Back to the Future trilogy had a strange way of identifying just where we were going as a culture. Sometimes it was simply observant, but in Part II, it was almost visionary.

Did the movie predict hoverboards or did it make people try to figure out hoverboards because the portrayal was so cool? The chicken/egg debate is astounding with a film like Back to the Future Part II

Our list covers the wide ways in which the fictional version of 2015 pretty accurately predicted and even shaped the actual 2015. Whether Doc Brown really knew what he was doing or he was a mad scientist with a wicked case of luck, he allowed provided us with glimpse at a future that turned out to be closer to the real thing than audiences ever could have known.