Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Back to the Future

Remember when the Back to the Future films traveled to our time and the future was stunning?! Hover boards! Flying cars! Self tying shoes! Jaws 19! Those crazy shiny hats! And we totally did it right? You walk outside right now and it's all there, just waiting to be used! Nope. None of it. Well... we got the shiny hats? In any case, these movies make up one of the best film franchises ever and there are lots of fun facts from behind the scenes with Doc and Marty.

Regardless of our lack of hover boards we have achieved a lot and it's crazy to look back at this iconic '80s movie franchise that defined a generation. This franchise arguably handled time travel back then better than any other movies have in the 30 years since. The Back to the Future movies are funny and heartfelt, exciting and infinitely memorable, and one of the few film series that are, in a word, perfect.

We took a look back over these amazing films and all kinds of Back to the Future trivia you might not have known about them. Did you know Huey Lewis made a cameo in the first film, in addition to supplying the theme song? Or that Ronald Reagan and Clint Eastwood were both huge fans? Or that Johnny Depp auditioned for Marty McFly? All this and more awaits you below! Fire up the flux capacitor and get ready to upvote the most interesting behind the scenes facts from the best time travel movies of all time! And when you're done, check out our list of all the problems with Back to the Future's plot.