People Describe The Worst Betrayals They've Ever Experienced

For a lot of people, friends are the spice of life, and family are the people you can always count on. But unfortunately, because we trust and rely on them so much, these are also the people with the ability to hurt you the most. When loved ones stab you in the back, that feeling of betrayal can linger for a long time.

Whether it comes in the form of a cheating partner, a lying friend, or a bad parents, these people are sharing their worst betrayals and backstabbings that remind us to tread lightly, and cherish those who truly are there for us. 

  • Dad Got Rid Of Their Dog

    Posted by u/queenswagab*tch:

    When I was fourteen, I took in a stray pit bull. I paid for her food, vet bills, toys, everything from my savings (bdays, Xmas, allowance). I loved her and my parents were fine with her living with us as long as I paid for her care. One day I came home from school and she was gone. Just like that. My dad had called animal control to pick her up because he was "tired of her". I didn't even get to say goodbye. I know she was put down bc most pit bulls don't make it where I live. I've since forgiven my father (as best I can, his only justification for his actions were he didn't like her) but I will never forget that.

  • Step-Daughter Was Rejected By The Family

    Posted by u/isbeckyok:

    During my first marriage I inherited a wonderful step-daughter. We had two daughters together and one Christmas my grandmother sent presents, but only for our little two, not my step-daughter. I try to see the best in people, so I call my dad to see if she forgot.

    Well we all know when people are caught off guard, they blurt the truth. Apparently, she told my dad that if she had to buy gifts for all the step kids they would be on the poor house. Mind you, this is her only step grandchild, and at the time she is at her vacation home in AZ.

    Now, I'm pissed. I box up the gifts and send them back to her with a letter saying family is family, it doesn't matter who gave birth to that child, she is my daughter.

    She just didn't get it, still doesn't. And my dad for fear of getting written out of the will, sided with grandma. So we don't talk either.

    It's sad, but I stood my ground and for cause. I may not be married to the girl's dad any more, but I still love her as my own.

  • A Business Partner Ruined Them

    Posted by a deleted user:

    I had a business partner that I considered pretty much a father. I’m 34 he is 66. We had been through rough years in our business, but I wanted to make sure he was taken care of as he retired, since he didn’t have much retirement from other bad deals in the past.

    So as a retirement we paid him $120k plus $10k/month for 10 years to buy out his equity and provide a steady stream of income. One year later I learned he opened a bank account in the business’ name, right after he retired. He created a line of credit secured by the building we owned for almost $1M and spent it all on a set of tennis courts and a down payment on a 17,000 sq ft custom built house. Because of his actions, the creditors for our business' operating line of credit called their loan, and we almost lost everything.

    I have been living on my savings for the last 5 months in order to keep my employees paid and the business afloat. My business partner feels he is entitled to the money because he has paid his dues in life....but in the process has destroyed mine, and the business we created. We are currently in lawsuit.

  • A Friend Didn't Return Their Support

    Posted by u/Shayochism:

    Helped a girl run away from home - paid for her train ticket (and my friend's and mine to accompany her up here), gave her money, gave her clothes, stayed with her as her housemate was in hospital so she wasn't alone and so I could feed her, cleaned her housemate's house (I don't consider it HER house), stayed with her through thick and thin during her mental issues. Then she turned around and said she didn't believe my mental issues.