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People Describe The Worst Betrayals They've Ever Experienced

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For a lot of people, friends are the spice of life, and family are the people you can always count on. But unfortunately, because we trust and rely on them so much, these are also the people with the ability to hurt you the most. When loved ones stab you in the back, that feeling of betrayal can linger for a long time.

Whether it comes in the form of a cheating partner, a lying friend, or a bad parents, these people are sharing their worst betrayals and backstabbings that remind us to tread lightly, and cherish those who truly are there for us. 

  • They Worked Extra Hard, Then Got Fired

    Posted by u/Chickens1:

    I was recruited by a well known company who convinced me to move my family from the city we loved, sell my family home, give up my well established 17 year business and income, then work like a dog for a year building up a failing competitor. I invested nearly $250,000, turned them around, nearly doubled the business in a year, then got shown the door at the end of the year when it was time for my permanent contract.

    I've spent the past five years rebuilding nearly next door out of pure spite, spanking them daily at every chance I get. I've rebuilt the income I once had and now it can't be taken from me in any way by corporate shills. Hate can be one hell of an inspiration.

    I get over it a bit more every day, but watching the person they shoved in to take my place slowly lose what they took from me has been quite healing.

    Still, that day, that knife in the back. Betrayal seems a tame word.

  • Dad Gambled Away Their Rent Money

    Posted by u/Sweetragnarok:

    The worst came from family. I love my dad but he is horrible with finances, and my mom warned me about this early on as an adult.

    When my dad came to live with me just before the recession hit, he was besties with the landlord as they were in the military together. Every weekend with no fail they would go out. I gave my dad my part of the rent come payday but should have trusted my gut when my dad got sketchy every time I said I was heading to the landlords place to pay rent (cash).

    Then Mom passed away and my dad had to move out ASAP to help out with funeral preps (mom [passed away] in another country). It wasn't until after the funeral and upon returning stateside that I learned from the landlords wife that my dad hadn't paid 3-4 months worth of rent. The landlord and my dad would go to casinos and gamble the money away. The sad part about this was that my mom and landlord [passed away] months apart so the wife had no idea that her husband was gambling away their income. The landlords wife, bless her, didn't evict me but I had to pay about 4K of back pay which took me months to do.

    Make matters worse, the recession happened. I got laid off, paid my bills with a credit card till I found a job, and struggled for a year to make ends meet and keep a roof over my head. I went from 0 debt to 13K in under 1.5 years paying bills & rent in loan & credit. To this day my credit score is shot because most of my debt went to collections. Thankfully I'm down to the last $800 to pay that off.

    I love my dad, but he broke my trust, and did more both later on and in the past that my mom tried to hide from me regarding finances. I also found out through those difficult years who my real friends and family were. A LOT of people turned their backs on us pretty fast.

  • He Pulled A "Nice Guy" Maneuver

    Posted by u/Rach2112:

    I left an abusive relationship. This guy friend of mine was friends with both me and the abusive ex.

    He took my side for a while, comforting me in my hardship in the aftermath of the breakup. He had a crush on me and pulled the "you deserve better" line and the "he's a d***, you need a better man in your life" speech. I appreciated him for his comfort. But when I found a guy that wasn't him, he turned on me, saying that I lied about the abuse, and that I had no bruises (I did). When he pulled the "pictures or it didnt happen" line, I cut him off!

    My real friends at the time only wanted what was best for me, whether I found new love or stayed single. None of them used kind words and support to their advantage. He did, and when I didn't choose him, he flipped a switch.

  • Her Family Took Her Daughter Away

    Posted by u/GreenGoddess33:

    I moved back to my hometown because I was homeless with a newborn. They [family] all said to my face they would help me. They organized family meetings without inviting me, then organized for my sister (she had always hated me, was childless, and was jealous I had a beautiful baby girl) to get custody because I was struggling. I'm still fighting to get her back and none of them talk to me anymore. I was naive and didn't see it coming, but I should have. I just never thought they would do something like that to me. I give my daughter wee presents and she throws them out because she doesn't want to have things around that remind her of me. It's hideous.