20 Must-Haves For Throwing A Spectacular Backyard Movie Night
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20 Must-Haves For Throwing A Spectacular Backyard Movie Night

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Going out to the theater is fun, but there's something extra special about a movie night in. You can invite only the best people (a.k.a. your best friends), lounge back in your socks, and laugh as loud as you want at cheesy rom-com one-liners without getting shushed by strangers. These nights can be super simple, consisting of just a couch and a TV, or you can do a little extra planning and put on a full home theater experience.

Once summer rolls around it gets even better, as you can take the party to the great outdoors - enjoy a solid comedy or action romp while breathing in fresh air on the backyard patio. These items will help with that magical outdoor entertainment experience. You can pick up all or any one of them to take your movie night to a whole new level!

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  • Mini Projector
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    Rather than lugging your TV and extension cables around, all you have to do is prop up this mini projector on a stool and plug in your phone or laptop. Can't have a movie night without a way to show the movie!

    Hit play for $84.99

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  • Projection Screen
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    Sure you can hang up an old bed sheet and call it a day, but why deal with the wrinkles, reflections, and bad color quality? A projection screen can help eliminate those issues, and this one is large and easy to hang up wherever you need it.

    Upgrade your viewing experience for $34.99

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  • Classic Popcorn Containers
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    For a bit of nostalgia, you can pass out these old school-design popcorn containers for everyone to hold their snacks in. They're cute, classy, and reusable too!

    Snack in style for $9.95

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    Although projectors usually come with their own speakers, these provide much better volume and range (being the dedicated audio products that they are). Their size and mobility also make them ideal for an outdoor movie night.

    Get the bass booming for $22.99

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    Lawn Chairs
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    The most important thing you need to do in order to make your backyard movie night a success is to make sure everyone stays comfortable. These lawn chairs, with their cup holders and built-in coolers for snacks are sure to do just that.

    Take a seat for $28.99

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    Fondue Pot
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    Procure yet more snacks to make sure your guests stay full and satisfied. This fondue pot holds up to six cups of chocolate, cheese, or anything you want! It's durable construction and cool touch handles make it easy to move (and set up outdoors) and it even comes with color-coded forks for each guest.

    Get dipping for $29.99

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