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Here is a list of the best Backyard Sports games, ranked from best to worst by thousands of gamers' votes. If you think the coolest video game in the Backyard Sports series isn't ranked as high as it should be, then make sure to vote it up so that it has the chance to rise to the top. Are you and your friends arguing over what the greatest Backyard Sports game of all time is? Use this list to see how many people agree with you and end the squabble once and for all.

This list is kept up-to-date with all new video game releases and includes everything from Backyard Baseball 2007 to Backyard Baseball 2001. So if you're wondering, "What are the greatest Backyard Sports series games?" or "What is the best Backyard Sports series game of all time?" then this list should answer your questions.

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  • Backyard Baseball 2001
    169 votes

    A significant upgrade from the original, Backyard Baseball 2001 packs a punch of nostalgia and pure baseball fun. With an expanded roster featuring real MLB players such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds in their youthful, cartoon forms, this edition brings together fan-favorites like Pablo Sanchez and Achmed Khan for some serious backyard competition. The game offers more customization options for fields and logos, as well as a power-up system to enhance gameplay. All in all, Backyard Baseball 2001 stands out for its engaging gameplay, delightful characters, and deeper customization options that keep you coming back for more.

  • Backyard Football
    121 votes

    Backyard Football

    Jan 01 1999

    The first entry in the football series, Backyard Football breathes new life into the sports gaming world with its emphasis on combining arcade-style action with realistic football strategy. Featuring NFL pros as kids, the game allows you to create your dream team while choosing from a variety of backyard-inspired playing fields. Exclusive features like the outrageous power-ups and unlockable secret plays keep gameplay fresh, engaging even the most seasoned football fans. With a charming cast of characters, Backyard Football balances fun and strategy, making it an essential franchise in the sports gaming genre.

  • Backyard Soccer
    107 votes
    Jan 01 1998

    Delivering a fresh take on the world's most popular sport, Backyard Soccer excels at providing a captivating and accessible football simulation for all ages. The game introduces an exciting array of international teams, each with their distinctive playing styles and special moves, adding depth to the gameplay. The inclusion of a season mode, where players can guide their team through a series of matches to hopefully clinch the championship, sets it apart from its peers. With a delightful cast of whimsical characters and engaging gameplay mechanics, Backyard Soccer stands tall as a must-play soccer game for fans and newcomers alike.

  • Backyard Football 2002
    136 votes

    Backyard Football 2002

    Building upon the success of its predecessor, Backyard Football 2002 takes the franchise to exciting new heights. Among the enhancements are updated rosters featuring the likes of Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe as kids, thrilling new playing fields, and an improved playbook system. In terms of gameplay, the addition of audibles and the ability to play both offense and defense creates a more strategic and challenging experience for the player. Backyard Football 2002 remains a standout for its innovative gameplay mechanics and unique blend of realism and backyard fun.

  • Backyard Hockey
    87 votes

    Backyard Hockey

    Oct 02 2007

    The ice rink never seemed so inviting as it does in Backyard Hockey, which introduces the backyard sports concept to the world of hockey. With NHL stars and mascots joining the lovable original characters, this game captures the essence of both arcade-style play and realistic hockey tactics. Unique features like player power-ups and zany playing fields keep you enthralled, while the customizable leagues and tournaments offer endless replay value. As a result, Backyard Hockey successfully blends entertainment and sports strategy, making it a standout among hockey video games.

  • Backyard Soccer MLS Edition
    82 votes

    Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

    Jan 01 2001

    Taking the franchise's soccer offerings up a notch, Backyard Soccer MLS Edition features real Major League Soccer (MLS) pros in addition to the whimsical original cast. The game provides a more authentic soccer experience by incorporating the actual MLS logos, teams, and stadiums, immersing players into the world of professional soccer. However, the game doesn't lose its fun factor, with exciting power-ups and soccer-specific special moves that distinguish it from typical soccer simulations. Backyard Soccer MLS Edition appeals to soccer fanatics and casual gamers alike, showcasing the exhilarating world of American soccer with a backyard twist.