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Bad Ass Ramen Recipes For Broke Ass Folks!

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Here's some recipes for all you starving College Kids...and other starving folks of course! Struck me as odd that College Students and Prison Inmates tend to kind of eat the same ways??? Lack of funds and resources on both sides I guess, anyway, figured I'd bring the two together here. Have fun with these recipes!
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    Ramen Noodle Casserole

    1 lb ground chuck
    1 medium onion, Diced
    1 (14½ ounce) can diced tomatoes
    3 (3 ounce) packages beef-flavor ramen noodles
    3 cups water
    Velveeta cheese-to taste

    Brown Hamburger and onion, then add flavoring packets from ramen noodles and simmer for about 4 minutes. Add the water and the tomatoes and bring to a boil.Then add ramen noodles and cook for about 4 minutes more. Pour into a casserole dish sprayed with cooking spray, and cover with sliced Velveeta cheese. Bake for 15 minutes at 350° or until cheese is melted.
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    2 packs of ramen noodles hot and spicy or other spicy variety

    1/3 bottle of jalapeno squeeze cheese

    1 summer sausage

    1 Slim Jim (the food product, not the breaking and entering tool)

    1 bag of instant chili (canned will work)

    1 small garbage bag (if you only have a regular house size one, cut the top half off)

    Before you start crush the noodles while they are still in the package. Microwave a bowl of water for 2 minutes, then add both ramen noodle packets and let sit for now. (Put on a lid on the bowl if you have one.) Now, chop or dice the summer sausage and Slim Jim, and then make or heat the chili. The noodles should now be fully expanded (about 10 mins), drain ALL the water from the noodles. Dump the noodles into the garbage bag then add 1 flavor pack and 1/3 bottle of jalapeno cheese and knead the bag. Next add the meat then knead again till meat is evenly distributed. Now add the hot chili (the hotter the better). This would also be the time to add the other flavor pack if you want. I find one and a half packs to be enough but you could add more later if needed. Finally, knead the bag again and you’re ready to enjoy fine prison cuisine. I can eat it all myself but it could feed 2 normal people.
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    Ramen Break

    1 bag of Ramen noodles, beef flavor preferred, but chicken will do

    1 can of chili with beans (we used Castleberry’s brand, individual size. You can also substitute a can of beef stew)

    1/4 to 1/3 stick of pepperoni, diced (which can be bought already diced on the street)

    1/2 cup of diced Longhorn or Cheddar cheese (about 1 cup shredded on the street)

    1 deli pickle, diced (optional)

    1 small onion, diced (optional)

    Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

    Follow the microwave instruction on pack using whole flavor pack, but crumble noodles. Drain excess water from noodles when done. In a separate bowl, microwave the diced pepperoni on several layers of paper towels for a minute at a time and stir between heating, to cook off the grease. This makes the pepperoni crunchy, but don’t cook it too long or it will burn. Heat chili (or beef stew) for two minutes and stir in diced cheese. Stir in cheese and heat longer to melt cheese if needed. Pour all ingredients into a big bowl and mix well. Serve with sliced bread or crackers.
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    Prison Pad Thai Son

    One Chicken Ramen package

    Tablespoon of Franks red hot sauce

    Two Tablepoons of Peanut butter(creamy works best)

    Cook your ramen, keep about 1/4 cup of water in after you drain it. Next, put the peanut butter in the bottom of your bowl and spread it around. Then put the Franks red hot in add the ramen on top. Mix it all together and wala…bomb ass prison pad thai son.
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