Actors Ridiculously Bad Movie Scenes Made Even Worse By Terrible Acting  

Tucker DeSaulnier

You know bad acting when you see it, even if it's coming from good actors. It can be tough to pinpoint exactly why an actor isn't quite selling a line, but it's unmistakable when it happens. And sometimes, bad acting is way, way more fun than good acting.

The most entertaining breed of bad acting is overacting, and there's more than enough scenery-chewing in this supercut to make it worth your while. If you know your ABCs and have ever giggled at Nicolas Cage putting exclamation points on seemingly every line, you're about to have a ball.

Cage is the patron saint of mega-acting, but he's far from the only Oscar-winner represents in these 26 moments of unhinged thespianism. Not to spoil anything, but A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne, and Russell Crowe all show up, all of them achieving the acting equivalent of slipping on a banana peel.

Nobody's safe in this insidiously simple supercut, which takes you through the ABCs of truly misjudged acting moments, covering everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Zelda Rubenstein.