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20 Bad Action Movies That Are Actually Good

There are days when you just want to hang out on the couch and throw on an action movie that’s so bad that it’s good. It can be hard to find a movie that has the perfect bad/good ratio, but thanks to Rotten Tomatoes it’s easier than ever to find the best bad action movies that are good. These action movies may not be critically acclaimed but they hold a special place in the hearts of action fans.

These so bad they’re good action films don’t stick to one specific era. Hollywood has been making over the top movies that focus more on action than story for decades and some of the worst offenders are actually the best to watch when you’re having a rough day. Whether you like your action mixed with science fiction or gymnastics there’s something on here that’s going to bake your noodle. 

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    When Army captain Frank Dux goes AWOL and travels to Hong Kong to take part in a deadly underground tournament he runs into some of the meanest fighters on the planet. Bloodsport is one of the many films made by Cannon in the 1980s that's just pure ridiculous action.

    Whether you like lengthy training montages, lengthy fight scenes, or watching Jean Claude Van Damme do the splits again and again this movie has it all. Honestly what else do you want from a movie called Bloodsport?

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 38%

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    If you are one of the few peole who haven't watched Road House you need to pull it up right now. This movie is one the Mount Rushmore of movies that are so bad they're good. Patrick Swayze plays a bouncer with a heart of gold who practices mediation but who can also rip your throat out. 

    When he comes to a small town to clean up their only bar he falls in love, cross the wrong businessman and learns about himself along the way. Also, someone drives a monster truck through a car dealership. This movie will wipe out your brain cells but it's non-stop fun.

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 39%

  • Conan the Destroyer gets a bad rap for not being as ambitious as its predecessor. It's rare that a sword and sandals action flick is well received and it's even more rare for a sequel to stand up under scrutiny but decades after its release it's clear that the filmmakers just threw logic out the window and made a truly bonkers movie.

    Aside from the normal cast of Conan characters there's a mirror demon, a wizard,  a virgin princess, a sex demon, and Kareem Abdul Jabar all just running around in the movie.What the film lacks in logic it more than makes up for in excitement.

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 26%

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    The follow up to Rush Hour was never going to be as good as the original but that's no reason to fault this genuinely fun movie. The biggest sin that Rush Hour 2 commits is trying to recreate the gags from the first film rather than do its own thing.

    The movie is basically an inversion of the first film with Chris Tucker working as a fish out of water in Hong Kong. Some of the stuff in this movie will make you face palm so hard but that's just a part of the fun.

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 52%