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From Deadbeats To Cannibals - These Are The Worst Dads In The Animal Kingdom

Nature can sometimes be incredibly cruel, but more often than not it's simply just not fair, especially when it comes to animal parents. Within the animal kingdom, parenting duties are rarely split evenly between a mother and father. In fact, the worst animal dads are so terrible at being a parent that they might as well not even be involved in the process all together. The truth is that these bad animal dads frequently abandon their roles as fathers as soon as they have finished mating.

While there are examples of good parents in nature, deadbeat animal dads are common. Whether they simply don’t contribute to raising a child or pose an active threat to their offspring’s safety, many adult males would never win any father of the year prizes. This leaves mothers not only having to raise children all on their own but also charges them with defending infants against fathers who might well want to kill them. Read on to learn about some of the sh*ttiest animal dads operating in the world today.