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20 Overbearing Brides That Took It Way Too Far

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Getting married can be the happiest day in a person's life. Until it's not. 

From issues with the menu to problems with the guest list, a bride can turn full bridezilla over the smallest detail. Like a mythical monster, the bridezilla will stomp on good intentions like a seaside city, determined to destroy anything and anyone who dares question her opinion or her tactics.

On Reddit, people share their stories of their close calls with assorted demons in a white dress, hopefully inspiring others to do better. 

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    Wedding = Moneymaking Opportunity

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    Think Of The 'Exposure'

    From Redditor /u/elijahkpang:

    My family owns an event space that’s often used for intimate wedding receptions. One day, this couple books the garden area for their wedding reception a day before their wedding. We obliged and let them use the space.

    On the day of the wedding, while her wedding coordinator was setting up, it started to rain. The garden venue did not have a roof and they were warned about this. We even recommended that they rent the indoor function room instead since the weather is quite unpredictable. Suffice to say, they ended up moving into the function room which only had a side access when guests do not rent out the lobby area as well.

    The bride started to cry because she didn’t want to use the side entrance because her dress might get wet but she also didn’t want to pay for the lobby area either. She told our venue manager to just let them use it for free and she could give us exposure for it. Note that this lady isn’t some sort of influencer at all.

    Our venue manager told her that we didn’t need her exposure since we get enough bookings already. She had to pay for it if she wanted to use it. We had already allowed (without extra charge) them to overflow beyond the function room to accommodate for her number of guests.

    When the event had ended, the bride started to cry again saying she didn’t have enough money to pay for everything - as if guilting us into giving her the use of the venue for free.

    We ended up just giving her a discount since we didn’t want her to end her wedding day on a sad note. But these types of clients are such a pain in the [rear].

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    Please Put Your Life On Hold

    From Redditor /u/purple89hippo:

    My best friend asked me to be her MoH about 18 months ago. In the time she has been engaged I have got engaged and married which she hates as shes told me so many times! She seems to think as she got engaged first she should have got married first but is waiting for money off her in laws so has to wait and expects everyone else too as well.

    I already have a soon to be 2 year old, me and my husband have always said we want our kids to be close in ages but she and her boyfriend have said that I'm not allowed to be pregnant for their wedding as it would spoil the dresses which she has already ordered. I've told her that its extremely likely that I will be pregnant as we're currently trying, she's definitely not happy! Everything is a massive deal and is putting so much pressure on my and the other bridesmaid, I'm more stressed out about her wedding then I was about my own. I'm seriously considering telling her to shove it but my husband is their best man which makes it even more awkward.

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    Control Freak

    From Redditor /u/AmyDiaz99:

    My friend was a bridesmaid at a wedding where the Bride demanded that nobody cut their hair or gain any weight before the big day. All their hairstyles had to be the exact same length. She had to control every aspect of what they did. The maid of honour had enough of her behaviour and dropped out of the bridal party a few weeks before the event. My friend only stayed because she felt sorry for her. The Bride didn't have any real female friends. I wonder why?