30 Famous Celebrity Deadbeat Dads

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Famous fathers who have been in the news for bad dad behavior

A list of celebrity deadbeat dads, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. The men on this list have succeeded in many areas of their lives: they are rich, famous, and successful, for the most part. But all of these gents have, at some point or another, failed as fathers.

Whether they have refused to pay child support, neglected their children, denied them, abused them, or crossed the line in other ways, these famous fathers let down the very people who were counting on them. While some of these bad dads have redeemed themselves and turned over a new leaf, others have not.

There are lots of famous dads who seem like they are pretty great. Unfortunately, these fathers have chosen a different parenting path. Instead of being loving and coaching that U-8 rec soccer team, they've ended up here, on this deadbeat dad list. Maybe your dad shouted at you once - but is he Jude Law? No? Lucky you! Maybe someday these famous deadbeat dads will see the light and turn over a new leaf as fathers, but in the meantime, read about the many ways in which they have neglected their duties as Daddy Dearest.