Terrible CGI You Won't Believe Made It To The Screen In 2017

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Computer-generated imagery is one of the most important developments in recent movie- and TV-making history. CGI has made it possible to do things that were simply unimaginable in previous times, like creating new worlds, fabricating gruesome monsters, or completely replacing characters. But sometimes directors can go too far with the effects, and the end results are some of the most unbelievable movie scenes and TV sequences that ended up onscreen.

It’s easy to pinpoint some of the worst CGI in 2017 movies and television, and the bad special effects aren't limited to terrible movies or shows, either. In fact, many of the best projects of the year include disappointing moments that were spoiled with computer renderings or animation that just looks completely unrealistic. Really bad CGI in TV shows and films proves that even the most advanced technology should be used with care.

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    The Deer In The Walking Dead

    The Deer In The Walking Dead
    Photo: AMC

    For a show that relies heavily on special effects of all kinds, The Walking Dead can sometimes drop the ball. In one 2017 episode, for instance, Rick and Michonne search through an old fair. They notice a deer – and fans immediately noticed how fake the poor thing was.

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    Medusa's Hair In Marvel’s Inhumans

    Medusa's Hair In Marvel’s Inhumans
    Photo: ABC

    Inhumans doesn't have as big of a budget as many of Marvel’s other projects. That partially explains Medusa's hair, but it's bad enough to defy all logic. The character is supposed to be able to manipulate her hair as a sort of extra appendage, but the end result looks like cartoon tentacles waving around a really awful wig. No wonder they cut it off.

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    Henry Cavill’s Removed Mustache In Justice League

    When it came to re-shooting Justice League, the production crew suddenly had a lot more CGI work to do. Henry Cavill had grown a mustache in the meantime, and was unable to shave it off as it was needed for another movie. This meant the 'stache to be digitally removed – leaving Superman with a noticeably distorted upper lip.

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    The Fire In Baywatch

    Nobody expected Baywatch to have groundbreaking special effects, but that fire is something else. In one sequence, the characters have to save some people from a burning boat. Unfortunately, the flames themselves look as if they have been created in just a few minutes by an inexperienced animator. The stakes are nonexistent.

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    Pennywise’s Teeth In IT

    Although IT proved to be a success, some people took issue with the amount of CGI used instead of practical effects. In particular, the scene in which Pennywise bites Georgie's arm came under fire. The teeth just look fake while sinking into the little boy's flesh (though maybe that's for the best – the sequence is disturbing enough).

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    The Climactic Battle In Wonder Woman

    For such a rapturously received film, Wonder Woman did face criticism for its final fight sequence. This climactic battle is rendered largely using CGI, making the clash between Wonder Woman and Ares feel much less dramatic. The action seems fake, as the CGI characters don't appear to have weight or be affected by the world around them.

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