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15 Bad Superhero Movies That Are Actually Good

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In the 2010s, superhero movies went from something you could turn your brain off while watching in a theater to honest to goodness Academy Award-winning films. But for every Joker and Black Panther there are 10 comic book films that are considered to be “bad” by critics and even fans. Most of the superhero movies that people have a less than stellar opinion of are from the early 2000s when the world hadn’t caught up with comic book fans.

These bad superhero movies that are good aren’t so bad they’re good - that’s another list - they’re genuinely good movies that just need another look. They’re not perfect movies, but they’re all trying to do something and many of them take huge risks by trying to move outside the norms of the superhero genre. Not all of these movies deserve to sweep an award show, but they do deserve a second look.