15 People Share Their Terrible Dog Park Experiences To Prepare You For The Worst

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Dogs need to be socialized. And sometimes, dog parks are a great way for your pup to make friends! But if you're thinking of going, make sure you check out these dog park stories so you're prepared for what could happen. If you're not sure what to expect at the dog park, then read on!

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    Someone Brought Two Cats

    From Redditor u/dondizzle:

    Some guy thought it would be a great idea to bring two cats to the dog park because "they love the dogs at home", it was utter chaos.

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    A Couple Brought A Large Dog Into The Small Dog Area

    From Redditor u/local_weather:

    Trashy-looking couple brings their big (like 50-60 pound) dog to the small side of the dog park. The dog is obviously not used to being around other dogs and is actively trying to get at the smaller dogs and its aggression is starting to make a lot of the dogs get weird culminating in the bigger dog went after a little dog, drawing blood and making a bunch of smaller dogs including one of mine just go nuts and they all start going in on the big dog.

    It was a dog riot and after all that the owners of the big dog still had to be told by other people in the park that they needed to get their dog out of there.

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    A Woman Let Someone Else's Dog Out Of The Park And Didn't Stay To Help

    From Redditor u/LadyGodiva21:

    The dog park had the double gates set up at the entrance. Lady walks in, leaves the first gate open, and then opens the gate into the dog park. Someone else's dog runs out into the woods. She grabs her dog and just leaves. Didn't say anything to anyone, just left. Luckily I saw and went to help the other owner find her lost dog, but seriously. How stupid and rude can you be?!

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    A Woman Brought Newborn Puppies To The Park

    From Redditor u/Taracotta:

    At ours, a woman brought her pit bull who had recently given birth. She also brought the newborn puppies and held them in her coat. I left pretty fast, I know how protective my husky was over her babies and I wasn't about to risk any of that.

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    A Guy Just Left His Dog At The Park For 45 Minutes

    From Redditor u/DDJo15:

    I witnessed a guy drop off his dog at the park and then left. He came back in like 45 mins to pick up his dog. He just left his dog there to play. Who does that? What if something happened to his dog while he was gone?. 

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    An Old Man Wanted Other People To Run After His Dog

    From Redditor u/jive_turkey:

    An old guy probably in his late 60s has a ridgeback/boxer mix who is an aggressor and always finds himself in the middle of the scuffles. The man says "Now I'm too old and can't run fast enough, but if you see Buster causing trouble, just reach and grab him by the collar and yell at him 'No!'".

    So many things wrong with that. I stopped going to that park.

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