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Why You Should Think Twice About Supporting Exotic Cat Sanctuaries

The truth about some exotic cat sanctuaries is, unfortunately, a disturbing one. There are plenty of reasons why animal sanctuaries aren't always good. Ever been to an animal sanctuary that let you pet a baby tiger? Then you've might have been to one of the bad exotic cat sanctuaries that drug tigers so they'll be docile when handled. Ever been to a sanctuary that houses far more babies than adults? That's a sanctuary that might be engaging in unethical breeding practices. Some so-called animal sancturies even go so far as to euthanize their animals without any medical reason to do so.

While some animal sanctuaries truly do help animals, others are basically fake animal sanctuaries and do nothing but harm. If you want to visit, donate to, or volunteer with an animal sanctuary, do your research, and make sure that the organization you choose actually cares for its animals.