Graveyard Shift

People Describe The Foreboding Feelings That Got Them Out Of Danger 

Sarah Blumert
Updated November 27, 2019 26.7k views 20 items

We all have primal instincts that warn us when danger might be afoot. Maybe it's a shiver down your spine, or a pounding in your chest, or an urge to run as fast as you can - the mind has plenty of ways to put you on alert, and sometimes those seemingly insignficant signals can end up saving your life. 

The people of Reddit have shared their tales of near mishaps and narrowly avoided catastrophes, all thanks to that little voice in their head telling them to head for the hills. Perhaps after reading some of these hair-raising stories, you won't be so quick to dismiss those foreboding feelings that give you the willies.

Bloody Trail

From Redditor /u/Adoice96:

A couple years ago, I snuck into an abandoned orphanage with a couple buddies. Dumb, I know, but drunk college kids find dumb. Step down through a basement window onto a barrel, easy. We get down and walk through a hallway when we notice a drop of blood by our feet.

After close examination of ourselves, we notice none of us [is] bleeding. We shined our flashlight further ahead and [noticed] the blood [continued] into the darkness. Noped the f*ck out as fast as possible. Trespassing with someone/something else injured in the basement of this building? No thanks.

Movie Theater Lurker

From Redditor /u/annie-costa:

Went to a movie on Halloween when I was in high school with my boyfriend at the time. It was a huge theater, [and] there was a staircase all the way to the top row that opened in the middle... so you could sit on either side of the opening. My boyfriend and I sat in the back row on one side of the opening. We were watching the movie, and around 30 to 40 minutes after the movie started, a guy walked in by himself wearing a big sweater and sat on the other side of the opening.

He didn't really DO anything at first, but he gave me a bad feeling. I felt uncomfortable, but I continued watching the movie. I noticed the guy seemed really nervous and wasn't paying ANY attention to the movie. I really couldn't figure out why, but he was stressing me out big time, and I just felt like we had to get the f*ck out of there. I told my boyfriend that I was probably being silly, but I wanted to leave. As we were leaving, we informed the staff about the guy just in case.

Turns out they had been looking for him... people had reported seeing a guy of that description behaving strangely in the parking lot earlier. The police came, and he apparently had quite a few large hunting knives hidden under his sweatshirt.

Bathroom Break

From Redditor /u/Naly_D:

One of the times I ran away from my [cruel] mother, I was hiding out at an internet cafe. For context, I was 12. I'd been there for a few days, and the guy running the show overnight knew me and knew what was going on at home because I'd laid it on him a few months earlier when he was like, "Hey, it's 2 am, don't you need to go home?" He didn't care about me especially, but he didn't care enough to kick me out, either, so long as I wasn't causing any trouble. He'd let me sleep under one of the desks at the back, etc., since it was always quiet... overnight.

Anyway, this night I was just [in] the back of the cafe bored with nothing to do, and my brain was like, "GO TO THE BATHROOM," but I didn't need to pee or anything, so I was [confused]. And then my brain was more urgent: "GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW." So I... did. Went into a stall and just kinda stood there for a few minutes confused, then went back out. The guy [at] the front desk comes over and [says,] "Dude, someone just came in asking if I'd seen you, said it was your mother."

...I finally got away from her, and... CPS [child protective services] [took] my allegations seriously two years later. [I] moved to [a] different city but moved back about five years ago. I'm not really a believer in psychic links, etc., but since I've been back, I've sometimes had this... feeling in myself like a deep dread, and then I look around and see my mother walking down the road across the street or driving past me or something...

Stranger Danger

From Redditor /u/fuzzyhouseplant:

When [I] and two of my cousins went camping with our family ([we were] probably about 8 or 9 years old), we stayed in a campground that had a playground near our spot. We would often go, just the three of us, to play and [then] go back to our camper when it started to get dark because it wasn’t too far.

[O]ne day we were playing, and we weren’t the only kids there, but this man (40s) came up to us with a dog and started talking to my cousins, and they were very trusting. He kept asking them if they wanted hot dogs or cookies, and where they were from, and telling us that his camper was just over there if we wanted snacks. This guy gave me a super weird vibe immediately, so I looked at my cousins after being quiet the whole time and said, “I think I hear Grandma yelling for us; dinner is probably ready.” [They] argued and were confused, but after I gave them the "look," they just shrugged and listened to me.

That guy gave me the heebie-jeebies and we never saw him again after that day.