The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books 

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Now more than ever, there are tons of female characters in comic books who are totally awesome. Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and many more stand on their own, while analogous characters like Batgirl, She-Hulk, Jane Foster as Thorand Spider-Gwen often overshadow the male characters after whom they're patterned. However, there are always those few characters that definitely fall short. In the cases of these characters, though, they're simply knockoffs of male comic book heroes and villains.

It's not their fault. They're just weak attempts by publishers to shake things up with as little effort as possible. “No one cares about Alpha Flight? Didn’t Vindicator have a wife? Put her in the costume!” Taking a concept that worked the first time with a male character and slapping that idea onto a female character is not only insulting, but also uninspired. A lot of times, these characters were much better before they were forced to sport an exact copy of a fan favorite's costume. They deserve better! They deserve their own identities and powers, not merely a template borrowed from a successful concept. In this day and age, comics deserve more diversity and so do fans - it’s just that these characters aren't well-executed.

Hopefully, there are some creative-minded comic creators out there who can rejuvenate this motley crew, rejuvenating them with creative characterizations and engaging stories. Until then, these are the female comic book versions of male heroes that stand as a testament to their creators' inability to create engaging heroes (and villains) of both sexes.

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American Dream
American Dream is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books
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Shannon Carter is actually a Captain American superfan in an alternate Marvel Universe. She was even a member of that universe's Avengers. Although short-lived, American Dream is still surprisingly popular among a small but devoted contingent of fans. Still, it's a pronounced lack of creativity that defines the character.
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Superwoman is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books
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The self-proclaimed Superwoman (aka Obsession) was actually a Superman stalker that took it a step too far. She was granted her powers through a set of stolen enchanted coins and popped up a few times in the late 1990s, trying really, really hard to convince Superman to go steady with her. 
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She-Thing is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books
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This actually happened. Sharon Ventura was bombarded by the same cosmic rays that changed Ben Grimm into the original Thing and the two even had a thing going on (get it?). Either way, this a pretty standard example of a carbon copy character given short shrift because she's simply the female version of a popular male hero.
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Rescue is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books
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In recent years, Pepper Potts has really come into her own as a character and is pretty irreplaceable in the Iron Man stories. However, sticking her in generic Iron Man armor and dubbing her "Rescue" is pretty reductive. While Iron Man and War Machine are out getting in mega-brawls and whatnot, Pepper's limited role is strictly described by her super-moniker.
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