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The 20 Laziest Superhero Gender-Swaps in Comic Books

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Now more than ever, there are tons of female characters in comic books who are totally awesome. Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and many more stand on their own, while analogous characters like Batgirl, She-Hulk, Jane Foster as Thorand Spider-Gwen often overshadow the male characters after whom they're patterned. However, there are always those few characters that definitely fall short. In the cases of these characters, though, they're simply knockoffs of male comic book heroes and villains.

It's not their fault. They're just weak attempts by publishers to shake things up with as little effort as possible. “No one cares about Alpha Flight? Didn’t Vindicator have a wife? Put her in the costume!” Taking a concept that worked the first time with a male character and slapping that idea onto a female character is not only insulting, but also uninspired. A lot of times, these characters were much better before they were forced to sport an exact copy of a fan favorite's costume. They deserve better! They deserve their own identities and powers, not merely a template borrowed from a successful concept. In this day and age, comics deserve more diversity and so do fans - it’s just that these characters aren't well-executed.

Hopefully, there are some creative-minded comic creators out there who can rejuvenate this motley crew, rejuvenating them with creative characterizations and engaging stories. Until then, these are the female comic book versions of male heroes that stand as a testament to their creators' inability to create engaging heroes (and villains) of both sexes.

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    Thor Girl

    For the record, this isn't the reboot of Thor where Thor is a woman. This is something much lazier. Thor Girl is the lady version of Thor. This is odd for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that "Thor" is not a superhero alias, it's literally his name. Thor Girl is basically like a character who is similar to a guy named John just calling herself John Girl.

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    Lady Deadpool

    Photo: Marvel
    A perfect example of a gender-swapped version of a character nobody needs. She is exactly like Wade Wilson in every regard. The biggest benefit to Lady Deadpool existing is that she offers women cosplayers an in-continuity option that doesn't involve showing a lot of skin and ridiculous objectification from mouth-breathing convention attendees.
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    Aqua Girl

    Photo: DC

    Aqua Girl is a towering monument to DC's inability to think of original concepts. Aqua Girl is the gender swapped version of Aqua Lad, himself a lazy, copy-pasted sidekick for Aqua Man. So basically a copy of a copy.

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    Red She-Hulk

    Photo: Marvel
    Betty Ross is the Hulk's long time on-again-off-again love interest who was given her own gamma-irradiated form. However, her uniqueness never emerged and she always paled in comparison to the more popular She-Hulk. 
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