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People Describe The Moment They Realized Their Friends Don't Like Them

Updated July 1, 2019 400.0k views15 items

Friendships can be complicated, especially when you're younger. Social hierarchies can come into play, and sometimes you learn that people you thought were your friends don't actually like you that much. It hurts, but it's a brutal reality that lots of people have had to face at some point or another. Not all friendships last, and sometimes that's for the better.

Still, finding out that your friends don't like you is both shocking and saddening. It's not easy to talk about these hard moments, which is why these stories from Redditors who've been rejected by their friends are so captivating. Redditors took to the internet to share some of their most personal and embarrassing memories for us to learn from and, sometimes, for our amusement.

  • Their Friends Had Nothing Nice To Say About Them

    From Redditor /u/buttwiped:

    Went to a sleepover when I was about 12-13 y/o. It was for my best friends birthday. They said “let’s sit in a circle and list our favorite things about each other!” sounded wholesome, so I sat in the circle. When my turn came around, everyone in the circle had nothing positive to say about me. “buttwiped, you’re actually really annoying and we don’t like you”.... my best friend looked sad for me but didn’t say anything... damn kids are mean.

  • They Just Had A Feeling That They Weren't In On The Plans

    From Redditor /u/Sabrina-K:

    When they start making plans with "the group" while youre standing right there and you just know youre not invited.

  • Their Friends Never Visited Them In The Hospital

    From Redditor /u/ElPolloDiablo07:

    Got pretty sick and was in the hospital for a week. Not one of my friends in a small group (of supposedly close friends) reached out to see if I was getting better. They never visited, didn't even so much as get a text from them. We hung out almost daily for the past two years and they knew I was in the hospital.

    When I finally got better I decided it was time to get some new friends.

  • Their Friends Never Actually Spoke To Them

    From Redditor /u/SkyBlueHyacinth:

    I was sitting at the lunch table with them and they were talking. It then dawned on me that they never talked to me during lunch or reached out to me during break. I was basically following them around like a stupid lost puppy all the time while they couldn’t care less.