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Sooner or later, there's going to come a game or to where you realize that your basic controller setup isn't enough. You're going to need an attachment or a microphone or something to enhance your gaming experience. And when you go to your games store -- assuming those things even exist anymore -- you'll see a rack of some of the wildest and worthless video gaming peripherals. 

And you'll ask yourself, "Why? Why do these video game contraptions exist?" Well, we can't help you there, but as you sit down in the middle of a Best Buy floor, contemplating existence, have some fun looking through some of the most awful gaming peripherals of all time. We promise, you'll feel better afterward. 

Whether dealing with a contraption that just has bad design, or an overly expensive controller that's built for just one game (though, for some reason, no one balks at Rock Band for that), this list has some of the craziest (and dumbest) add-ons to your gaming experience. We've scoured all eras of gaming to find this insanity. So check out the list, vote up your "favorites" and check out some of our other video gamings lists! 
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Power Glove

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"It's so bad!" Famous words from an antagonist to promote the Power Glove on the video gaming movie The Wizard. Truth is? That Power Glove was awful. It didn't respond to commands, programming it was a waste of time, and it was too heavy for young kids to be messing around with. 
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Aura Interactor

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A $160 vest that you would wear that would give you tactile feedback. Only, it didn't. It was supposed to listen for sounds and then respond accordingly, but 80's design couldn't pick out one sound from another, so you just spent a crazy amount of money for an always-vibrating vest. 
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Gameboy Booster

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Step One: You want to see the Gameboy screen enhanced. Step Two: Buy the Gameboy Booster so you can see better. Step Three: Instead, get nothing but an always-fogged up magnifying glass. Step Four: Throw it in the trash. 
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Wii Football

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Poorly designed and just bad form --  why on earth would you have a plastic, aerodynamically shaped ball built expressly for you to throw directly at your TV? There's no way we got away from the Wii Football without a few cracked screens. 
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