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14 Villains Who Messed Up Their Own Plans By Monologuing

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What is it with villains and monologues? No matter how certain their success is, how close they are to tasting victory, they still can't help but pause to pat themselves on the back and make their nearly defeated hero feel a little stupid. Unfortunately for them, all this evil gloating usually blows up in their face. 

While the villain monologue serves a plot purpose, it certainly doesn't help the villain themselves. Oftentimes, their long speech gives the hero just enough time to regain the upper hand and emerge victorious. Wouldn't the smarter choice be to just act? After all, if you have someone at your mercy, it's better to act first and talk later. 

Sadly, villains just can't give up their chatty ways. Check out a few below who ruined their own plans by monologuing.

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