14 Villains Who Messed Up Their Own Plans By Monologuing

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What is it with villains and monologues? No matter how certain their success is, how close they are to tasting victory, they still can't help but pause to pat themselves on the back and make their nearly defeated hero feel a little stupid. Unfortunately for them, all this evil gloating usually blows up in their face. 

While the villain monologue serves a plot purpose, it certainly doesn't help the villain themselves. Oftentimes, their long speech gives the hero just enough time to regain the upper hand and emerge victorious. Wouldn't the smarter choice be to just act? After all, if you have someone at your mercy, it's better to act first and talk later. 

Sadly, villains just can't give up their chatty ways. Check out a few below who ruined their own plans by monologuing.

  • Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) is known for his long, dramatic monologues. When he finds out the Orb contains an Infinity Stone, he decides to betray Thanos (Josh Brolin) and use the gem himself to destroy Xandar. He puts the Infinity Stone in his hammer and sets off on his mission. The newly formed Guardians attempt to stop him, leading to a fight on Xandar.

    Ronan emerges from the debris completely fine with his hammer still intact. Instead of touching the tool to the ground that very second and destroying Xandar, he pauses for - wouldn't you know it? - another monologue. He walks slowly, as if he's in no hurry to accomplish this all-important mission and takes a moment to mock the Guardians. He laughs at their failure and talks of his destiny to destroy Xandar. He even announces that he's here to provide salvation and that the people should prepare themselves, as if they couldn't already sense that something bad was happening. He raises his hammer to wreak havoc on the planet, but he still doesn't act.

    Although his monologue ends, his stupidity doesn't. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) starts singing at him and the big, bad, scary guy actually stops to listen. He engages with Quill for so long that he gives Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper) and Drax (Dave Bautista) a chance to take out his hammer. The Guardians prevail and the people of Xandar live to see another day, all because of Ronan's monologue.

  • At the end of Zootopia, Mayor Bellwether (Jenny Slate) reveals herself to be the villain who has been turning animals feral. She intercepts Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) and Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) as they’re on their way to take evidence of her wrongdoing to the police. Judy quickly realizes that something fishy is going on, and she and Nick run from the little sheep. 

    As Bellwether searches for Nick and Judy, she outlines her plan to turn prey against predators and make sure the weaker animals are in charge from now on. She also taunts Judy for leaving the safety of her carrot farm, all the while talking about the genius of her scheme and the impact Judy's demise will make. 

    At the end of the scene, Judy reveals that Nick recorded Bellwether's confession. They use her own words to take her down, teaching everyone that you shouldn't gloat about your plans until you've removed every obstacle in your path.

  • The issue of villain monologuing is spoofed multiple times throughout The Incredibles. When Syndrome (Jason Lee) reveals himself to be the villain, he even catches himself taking this disastrous path. He starts discussing his evil plan instead of watching Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), allowing the superhero to hurl a log at him. The villain, however, catches himself and stops Mr. Incredible just in time, even throwing out the line, "You got me monologuing!"

    Despite Syndrome's awareness of the dangers of monologuing, it's still his undoing. Although the superheroes are successful in thwarting the villain’s plans, Syndrome manages to escape their wrath. Hungry for revenge, he goes to their house and nabs baby Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack manages to escape by showing his powers for the very first time. 

    Despite getting beaten up by a baby, Syndrome doesn't take the opportunity to get away. He tells the Incredibles that the fight isn't over and that he'll get the baby eventually. He continues to laugh and taunt the superheroes, giving Mr. Incredible just enough time to throw a car at his plane. The car makes an impact and Syndrome's cape is caught in the turbine engine, leading to his demise.

  • As the games grow more intense, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is forced out of hiding to get medicine that will save her partner, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). As she exposes herself to the open ground surrounding the Cornucopia, she's ambushed by the District 2 tribute, Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman). At first, Katniss and Clove fight with reckless abandon, obviously trying to slay each other in earnest. However, when Clove pins Katniss to the ground with a knife to her throat, she turns to the always-fatal monologue. 

    Clove taunts Katniss about her decision to save Peeta, referring to her partner as "lover boy" and saying how sad it is that she couldn't save her friend. She then reminds Katniss that she couldn't help Rue either and gloats over the little girl's demise. All the while, Clove has a knife to Katniss' throat. Had she not stopped to mock her opponent, she could have ended her and moved on in seconds. 

    While Clove flaunts her victories to the helpless Katniss, she gives the District 11 tribute, Thresh (Dayo Okeniyi), just enough time to pull her off Katniss and slam her against the Cornucopia. After hearing that Clove slew Rue, Thresh ends the District 2 opponent and leaves Katniss alive because she helped the little girl. In another twist of fate, Thresh would've never known who ended Rue or who saved her if not for Clove's need to monologue.