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The 13 Most Dangerous Friendships In Horror Movies

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The title "best friends forever" doesn't always stand the test of time. Friendships in horror films aren't built for endurance; in fact, they often offer audiences a peek into a dangerous codependent dynamic. We usually start with what initially seems like a harmonious pairing - a little boy and his new doll; a teen and his BFF robot; a girl and her Ouija board spirits. Some of these friendships are even built on shared interests, such as the villainous teen duos of '90s slasher flicks.

However, whether or not anyone ends up covered in a bucketful of pig's blood, some friendships just need to end. So the next time someone asks if you "wanna play," consider the lessons these unfortunate friends learned the hard way. 

  • Many people get close to a roommate, but the relationship between Allison "Allie" Jones (Bridget Fonda) and her roommate Hedra "Hedy" Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a little too close. Allie meets Hedy after placing an ad in the NYC classifieds looking for a roommate. Things take a turn for the weird when Hedy starts dressing like Allie and erasing her roomie's voicemails. It's all harmless until a jealous Hedy throws their new puppy off the balcony.

    Hedy's obsession with Allie escalates into true nightmare territory. She starts imitating her supposed friend (from her pixie cut to her NYC stoicism), explaining how she's felt empty ever since her twin sister died when they were children. Hedy also kills Allie's fiancé (Steven Weber) and later tries to throw Allie into an incinerator.

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  • In this contemporary reimagining of the 1988 horror classic, Child's Play follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a single mother who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi doll - the latest and greatest technology from leading tech giant Kaslan Corp.

    The more time Andy spends with his new Buddi, Chucky, the more Chucky's sinister nature is unveiled. When detective Mike Norris (Brian Tyree Henry) begins to investigate a series of strange accidents, all signs point to Andy and his friends. Can Andy survive his "friend 'til the end"?

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  • Sixteen-year-old outcast Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) has the misfortune of attending a high school chock-full of mean teens. The worst of the worst are Chris (Nancy Allen) and Norma (PJ Soles), a terrible twosome who rule the school with an iron fist. After the girls make fun of Carrie for getting her period in the locker room, they're harshly reprimanded. However, rather than take responsibility for their actions, they blame Carrie. 

    Not one to just let things go, Chris decides she wants to ruin Carrie's life, and insists that her BFF rig the prom queen election. Norma could decline, but she's too much of a pushover to put up a fight. With the help of some boys, the girls carry out their plan, setting up one of the most memorable scenes in horror history - one with far worse consequences than anything Chris and Norma could have seen coming.

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  • If Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu (Matthew Lillard) weren't friends, the violent acts of Scream likely could have been avoided. The pair push each other to go further with their psychosis, forcing Sidney and her friends to learn the horror film survivor rules the hard way.

    Billy is truly psychotic and harbors a misplaced sense of rage toward Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) because her mother broke up his parents' marriage. However, he would never have been able to carry out his violent acts if Stu hadn't been right there with him every step of the way.

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