The Worst Karaoke Songs in the History of Music

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Karaoke can be tons of fun, but bad karaoke songs are pure hell. One person's favorite tune can be cringe-worthy to the rest of the room. But not all of the worst karaoke songs are actually crappy songs. Some are great songs - or at least great for nostalgia - but they're nearly impossible to sing because of the range, the fast pace, particularly high notes, or vocal style. Another common karaoke fail comes from sentimental songs with super depressing lyrics. Go home and cry in your beer - don't drag the bar down with you. 

Other questionable karaoke songs are either awkward, inappropriate, or just annoying. And then there are the catchy ones everyone thinks they know by heart, but it turns out there's more to the lyrics than just the chorus. Certain songs are also ridiculously long, and no matter how good you are, no one wants to stare at you for seven minutes straight. Other people want their turn to sing, too!

Avoid the bad karaoke songs below like the plague, and instead build your setlist with this list of the best karaoke songs.

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