32 Pictures Of People Who Have No Idea How Bad They Are At Spelling

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Help! I'm worried for society...

Photo: Reddit

  • 1. Painter Leonardo DiCaprio

    Painter Leonardo DiCaprio
    Photo: Reddit
    4,720 votes
  • 2. Who Doesn't Love Chicken Permission?

    Who Doesn't Love Chicken Permission?
    Photo: Reddit
    4,127 votes
  • 3. Mail Child

    Mail Child
    Photo: Reddit
    5,357 votes
  • 4. Grapes Are Discussing

    Grapes Are Discussing
    Photo: Reddit
    4,667 votes
  • 5. Human Beans

    Human Beans
    Photo: Reddit
    5,354 votes
  • 6. Lemonade These Papers

    Lemonade These Papers
    Photo: Reddit
    4,871 votes