15 People Share Their Worst Movie Theater Experiences So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Moviegoers: vote up the worst examples of movie theater etiquette.

Who doesn't love a good trip to the movie theater? It never fails to be a fun experience... as long as everyone else around you behaves. These Redditors are sharing their worst stories of bad movie theater etiquette so you can learn what not to do in a movie theater.

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    A Mother Changed Her Infant's Diaper In The Theater

    From Redditor u/SPQR_Maximus:

    Finding Nemo. Friday night opening night. 10 pm show. Pretty much [a] packed house. The woman behind me changed her infant's diaper during the movie and actually left it under my seat.

    Leaving aside how awful you are to bring an infant to a movie that starts at 10 pm, please leave the theater to change your child’s diaper and please put that diaper in the trash, not under the seat in front of you like it’s your carry-on and we are on a plane.

    Absolutely disgusting.

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    A Huge Group Got Drunk Before The Movie

    From Redditor u/la_vida_luca:

    I made the mistake of seeing Black Panther in a cinema [that] was near some bars. For some reason, a genuinely massive group of people (20-30) had decided to get drunk and come and watch the movie. I personally don’t mind if someone wants to get a buzz on whilst watching a film (tip a dram of vodka or whiskey into your bucket-sizes Coke or Fanta - why not?), but they were talking/shouting so loudly to/at one another that it was impossible to follow the film, and certainly impossible to get immersed in it. I do really mean shouting at times. And so much of it was just completely unrelated to the film: just people behaving the way they would do at a bar or club but in the middle of a cinema.

    A bunch of people walked out.

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    A Guy Took His Shoes And Socks Off And Stunk Up The Theater

    From Redditor u/MovieMike007:

    While watching Basic Instinct a guy took off his shoes and socks and the smell reached three rows back.

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    People Were Being So Unruly That A Fight Broke Out

    From Redditor u/Fragrant-Fan4919:

    Worst but also most memorable, I went to see the second Insidious movie with some friends in early high school and one of their cool moms took us to a bigger theater compared to the small town we lived in. It was packed, maybe sold out, and people were being super loud and obnoxious, which can sometimes enhance the scary parts but also ruin them. It got so bad there were actually two fights. Far from us, thankfully, but I remember some theater employees coming in and kicking them out, turning all the lights on, pausing the movie, and threatening to kick out anyone else causing a disturbance. Then they actually went and rewound the part of the movie that got missed due to the fighting. As an early teen, this was pretty wild to me.

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    A Child Hit Someone Over The Head With A Blunt Object

    From Redditor u/Nohandbananano:

    My worst experience has been getting whacked over the head with a blunt object by a child in the row behind me during The Last Jedi. Wtf.

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    Parents Let Their Children Lie On The Floor And Kick Seats

    From Redditor u/AllTheReservations:

    Penguins of Madagascar. Annoying kid next to me/lying on the floor in front of me at one point. Another kid behind me who kicked my chair to the beat of any song.

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