Nurses Who Behaved Badly (and Got Caught)

Nurses are here to provide medical help for the sick or dying. But in some instances, bad nurses aren’t interested in doing any of that. Some of them would rather steal meds or even kill patients rather than take care of them. In other instances,  nurses posts pictures of their patients on social media—a huge violation of privacy.

Read on to find out about nurses who behaved badly and got caught, nurses who broke the law, nurses who got fired, shocking nurse crimes, naughty nurses, and even the rare killer nurse. After reading this you’re going to think twice about ever going to the hospital again. 

  • Nurse Takes Pictures of Patient's Penis

    Nurse Takes Pictures of Patient's Penis
    Photo: Onondaga County Sheriff's Office / KTLA / Fair Use
    In 2016, a nurse in upstate New York was busted after she took pictures of an unconscious patient's penis and sent them to her coworkers. She was able to cop a plea deal and get off without any federal charges by giving up her license
  • Nurse Steals from Children's Hospital

    Nurse Steals from Children's Hospital
    Photo: Akron Police Department / Cleveland Sun Times / Fair Use
    In Akron, Ohio, an RN working at the Children's Hospital was caught stealing copious amounts of fentanyl (an intense opioid). After she was caught, the woman explained that she stole the drugs by moving them from the "use" drug section at the hospital to the "waste" section. 
  • Facebook Post Gets Four Nurses Fired

    When William Wells arrived at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach after being stabbed a dozen times, and having his throat slashed so hard that he was almost beheaded, the nurses on duty took photos of him and immediately posted them to Facebook. According to Saint Mary's, four staff members were fired and three were disciplined. 
  • Nurse Reuses Needle to Give Out Vaccinations

    Nurse Reuses Needle to Give Out Vaccinations
    Photo: Sanofi Pasteur / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
    In a story that might keep you from visiting the doctor ever again, a nurse in New Jersey admitted to administering 67 flu shots with only two needles. Although she did wipe them off after each use. 
  • School Nurse Goes on Racist Tirade

    School Nurse Goes on Racist Tirade
    Video: YouTube
    A school nurse at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Georgia went off on an 11 year old boy after he and another boy started throwing a bag of chips around. The nurse allegedly stormed up to the boy and said, "I will knock your lights and I will f*** you up," then proceeded to use a racial slur. 
  • Nurse Fired for Facebook Rant

    A nurse at Seton Medical Center in California was fired in 2011 after she made a Facebook post shortly before she went to work that read, "Instead of spending my birthday celebrating, I will be working all night cleaning up feces. I loathe that effin heffer!!! Burn in hell you effed up spawn of satan. I curse you and wish you a lifetime of pain and suffering." And she went on like that for another paragraph and a half. One of her coworkers (possibly the heffer?) read it and the nurse was let go.