Graveyard Shift

13 Lesser-Known Bad Omens From Around The World

Ravens, broken mirrors, and walking under ladders. These three things are symbols of bad luck pretty much anywhere you look in the world, but many countries around the globe also have their own unique versions of bad omens. Some countries see specific birds as harbingers of death, while others see the particular placement of bread as a potentially devastating omen. Though countries vary wildly in what they see as heralds of doom, there's almost always a fascinating explanation. 

So why do superstitions exist? You've surely encountered several in your life, and they usually come from older people. Oftentimes, bad omens and superstitions relate to shady history - for example, cats are considered bad luck because they were seen as companions to witches during the early days of Puritans in America. Other bad omens and superstitions, however, are related to very sensible and logical pieces of history. Though mostly scary and kind of creepy, the omens in this list are totally fascinating, and they might even teach you a thing or two about how humans are and always have been.