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People Share The Reasons They  'Noped' Out Of A Relationship And It Is A Horror Show

May 24, 2021 4.8k views20 items
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"What made you straight up 'nope' out of a relationship?" - u/MistaPwickles

Scary stalkers, dating disasters, and creepy rendezvous galore are all front and center as Redditors discuss their experiences of romance gone wrong and the reasons why they had to nope out of a potential relationship. 

  • Run. Just Run

    From Redditor u/FDRip:

    Showing up at my door when I hadn’t disclosed my address.

    • Missed Connection

      From Redditor u/Quills86:

      We had only one date before, I did not tell him my exact address. He must have followed me after the date. Next day he showed up and stuttered how he felt that we had "the connection" and that I did send "the ultimate signs."

      • Don't Drive Angry

        From Redditor u/DoggyTrots:

        He was violent when crazy angry. What did me in was when he sped up on a dark county road and turned off the headlights...

        We survived and as soon as we got into town I got out of the car and relationship.

        • Turned A Date Into A Public Event

          From Redditor u/Cannotakema:

          Lady stayed the night for first time then started taking pictures of my house the next morning and posting them on social media. She put my bedroom, living room, and master bath on and I was like...what are you doing.

          She said "I want everyone to see your place."

          I said "Uhh, let me take you home."

          Told her I didn't like that she did that. Then she complained on social media how I was so petty for not liking her posting my house. Then called me up to go out again. I was just astonished she thought I would be like post my house, speak ill of me, and come on back. That was one night... NOPE